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Mountain Town

by Bonnie Geisert
Illustrated by Arthur Geisert

One Potato Review

Another in the small-town series by those meticulous Geiserts (Prairie Town, Desert Town, River Town), although this portrait is distinguished by some pretty stiff headwinds from the start. The particular mountain town which they describe is essentially a relic from old mining days, struggling to stay relevant – and accessible. Much of the business here appears to derive from tourism – skiing, white water rafting – and the citizens spend a lot of time bailing themselves out from under snowstorms and generally forestalling disaster. New mines get dug (on a prayer) and there’s a tunneling heist that gets foiled along the way (the Geiserts love their heists), still what lingers is a wishful determination that was the reason for this settlement’s ever getting founded. With a glorious springtime to look forward to, high school football games, and an irrepressible Fourth of July.

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