The Books

Walk This World

by Jenny Broom
Illustrated by Lotta Nieminen

One Potato Review

At 13 bucks, admittedly a big step up from the sort of disposable looking pamphlets featuring Balls and Dogs and Umbrellas that appear to saturate those corners of the bookstore where one- and two-year-olds are presumed to be drooling and marauding and otherwise resisting our efforts at education. Here are flaps to open (“more than 80!”), the journey of the title beginning in New York, and continuing through Paris, someplace in Africa where women carry baskets of fruit on their heads, an Italian amalgamation of Venice and Pisa and Pompeii, Moscow or St. Petersburg, Rio, Delhi, Tokyo, London and Australia. It’s easy to lose yourself behind all of these windows, beneath bridges, in tunnels, for what are cities if not layers upon layers of tantalizing clues? Blink and you’ll miss them: the gondola passing, the window-washer reaching, and artist spraying graffiti on a roof. Look – isn’t that a dressmaker in Italy, applying some chic final touches? Bones beneath the volcano? A girl wading into a fountain? There’s a kangaroo, but also a concert hall, in Australia, DJ’s, bikinis and capoeira in Brazil. Russian ballet dancers and onion top domes. In Tokyo: samurais and karaoke bars. Oh, the places you’ll go. It’s probably never to early to start planning.

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