The Books

Those Darn Squirrels

by Adam Rubin
Illustrated by Danile Salmieri

One Potato Review

Old Man Fookwire is the name of the cranky old man who’s responsible for the exclamation mark at the end of this title, and many others, and dust that comes out of his nose when he sneezes – but also beautiful, if slightly obsessive, paintings of birds. These anyway come off as preening, lazy airheads when compared to the squirrels (they’re “fuzzy little geniuses” allegedly) who prove every bit the worthy adversary to Old Fookwire. There’s some nice stuff in the end about helping – and also appreciating – your neighbors, but it’s the comedy here which is especially inspired when those squirrels are devising and executing plans to penetrate the defenses that Old Man Fookwire has erected around his precious bird feeders. Some of their scheming misfires, some soars, and some involves those shiny bits of metal they’ve been hoarding for no better reason. Oh, money can’t buy you love. But frilly accessories? “Great googley-moogley!”