The Books

This is Venice

by M. Miroslav Sasek

One Potato Review

There are so many reasons to buy this and Sasek’s other books, and keep them on your shelf, and refer back to them in twenty years, but first, the price. This book costs twelve bucks, and looks like it should cost ninety. So artful are these illustrations, and so elaborate; the text so packed with information, both historical and how-to, you would be wise to actually bring it with you to Venice if you are visiting – it’s really that timeless. Of course, some of that timelessness is due to the subject (This is San Francisco doesn’t feel quite so relevant anymore), but the very best reason to cherish this book is for its gee-whiz enthusiasm. It’s like talking to a really geeky ten-year old: his enjoyment is contagious. Here is a book where even the tourists look like they’re having a good time.

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