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The Elephant and the Tree

by Jin Pyn Lee

One Potato Review

Sad but true. And small (you may think this is a CD arriving in your mailbox), and minimally illustrated (Shel Silverstein minus the diversions): the miracle is this book even made it to a display table a couple of years back – conceivably before some horrified store manager realized what it was about. An elephant and a tree grow up, grow huge, and tell each other stories from their privileged viewpoints (respectively mobility and great height), then finally remain linked in their bondage and recollections; yes, that’s about as consoling as it gets, so this book isn’t for everyone, but surely it’s for someone. The author won some kind of award apparently, in Singapore, which made her briefly visible over here, and this book is dedicated to “the voiceless” in the black opening pages. Fitting – and probably indelible for anyone just learning to read.