The Books

The Dumpster Diver

by Janet Wong
Illustrated by David Roberts

One Potato Review

Germaphobes beware! Recyclers… rejoice? You’ve got to hand it to this writer and illustrator for going where very few dare. Which is possibly the rancid, buggy bottoms of a lawsuit when somebody’s dear child sets out to try and copy the eponymous scavenger here, with fins and goggles and raincoats and neighborhood groupies to hose him down. Oh, there’s a cautionary note near the end, though it’s not clear anyone is genuinely very repentant, even if they do wind up knocking on doors to intercept clutter before it makes it out to the trash. What a lot of cool contraptions they build out of it too: mobiles, and lamps (out of blenders), and tables (out of lamps), plus some kind of a dubious rover out of two busted skateboards, a crib mattress, a hand-held shower head, and thirty-two screws. Come on! People aren’t just handing this stuff out on stoops! You have to go looking for it, right? Joyful and quixotic.