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The Curious Garden

by Peter Brown

One Potato Review

Simple, inviting, beautifully executed, and one of the best popular releases of the last couple of years. Because the seed of this story is kind of irresistible by itself: a boy, left alone in a barren, cheerless city, discovers a tiny spot of wildflowers on an abandoned railway trestle, waters and pulls up the weeds around it every day (whoops, slipped into The Carrot Seed there), and sees it (barely) through the winter when the garden’s “curiosity” at exploring the city rubs off on all the neighbors. Not much more to the story than that (and maybe there shouldn’t be), still it’s finally Brown’s fanciful imaginings of all the ways that even the smallest of patches can evolve – into mossy, meandering footpaths and lily pads, and topiaries, of our, or of nature’s design – that is really the best reason to visit.

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