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The Big Fish

by Klaus Kordon
Illustrated by tThe Tjong Kring

One Potato Review

A panoramically illustrated fable about adoption, and also, improbably, racism. The big fish of the title takes a fisherman and his wife on a wild ride across the oceans in search of any orphans who should need them, but the couple prove picky – no African child please, or Samoan – the sea life meanwhile evolving from radiant angelfish to eels and rays to sharks and more menacing fauna. Not clear if this is allegorical exactly, still it’s thrilling all the same. Eventually the fish becomes disgusted with his cargo and dumps them somewhere in the Far East where they are, themselves, guided and adopted by two cuties whom they certainly don’t deserve. This is all nakedly moralistic, of course, but it’s strange enough not be stern. The daisy-chain of Arabs and Eskimos and Scots and Turks and Dinka tribesmen on the front and back jacket is also a bonus worth perusing. From Germany.