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The Best Place

by Susan Meddaugh

One Potato Review

Never listen to little birds. From the creator of Martha, the blabbermouth dog, here is an arguably more soulful (if less crowd-pleasing) canine, content to watch the sunset from his “magical” screen porch (“Where else can you be inside and outside at the same time?”) until a feathered little troublemaker invites him to consider whether that’s all there really is. Not everyone makes a great tourist (“That’s a lot of sand,” he says about the desert), and very soon this prodigal wolf is back knocking on doors, and running with forks, and generally giving a pretty poor account of himself to all of the rabbits who have multiplied in his absence – and whom Wolf is obliged to win over. Because that is community, like it or not, regardless the price of square footage. With wraparound views, and solutions.