The Books

The Beginner’s Guide to Running Away from Home

by Jennifer Huget
Illustrated by Red Nose Studio

One Potato Review

A middle child’s lament: between the baby who sucks up everyone’s attention and the older, teenage brother who can apparently do as he pleases. If you are already looking at the cover you probably don’t need anyone telling you how eye-catching this is, though what may still surprise you is the accumulation of details – some poignant, some hilarious – which you would almost certainly skip over if this were the stop-action animated movie it sort of resembles. Instead, here is time to linger over the contents of a getaway wagon (comic books, rock collection), that wailing, insufferable baby sporting cookware on her head, and the favorite stuffed toy you cannot bear to leave behind. Also: black and white sketches scattered among the dioramas befitting the runaway imagination which even a heartfelt happy ending is unlikely to ever contain.