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Shy Charles

by Rosemary Wells

One Potato Review

In all of Rosemary Wells’s universe of mice (and its shadow world on the TV) there may be no more seminal character than the socially awkward Charles. And Wells’s mouse-in-the-headlights facial expressions have probably never been put to better use than confronting the hyper-social Mrs. Belinski across the deli counter, Madame LaFleur at L’Ecole de la Danse, and finally Coach Fred upon the dreadful expanses of a football field. Says his Dad, finally throwing up his hands: “You’re a jelly roll. You’re just a cowardly custard. You’re like a sandwich without the bread. Not to mention the ham and mustard. How will you ever go to school or find a job or get married?” Oh, he’ll be all right, starting with rescuing the babysitter. Some heros just don’t know how to play the part.