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Shoe Baby

by Joyce Dunbar
Illustrated by Polly Dunbar

One Potato Review

Light and fancy. Don’t try to make any sense of this doggerel – like what does it signify that the baby is flying around in one of his father’s shoes, and why is dad so steamed when he discovers it’s missing, and mom so teary? – no, really, please don’t. Because this is otherwise simply a cheerful little travelogue of street scenes and clown-headed boot-wearing octopi, and wrapping-paper cockatoos and toucans, and kings and queens, and cookies piled high, in short the stuff which babies do not know enough to banish from their dreams. There’s a little bit in the end about growing up, but never mind; this baby does not seem cured of his euphoria. For early readers, and anyone who really likes footwear.