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Oh No George

by Chris Haughton

One Potato Review

Do we always need to fail a little before we succeed? How many times does a tree have to fall in the woods with no one else around before we hear it, or a cake disappear behind closed doors, or a lie go unchecked and unpunished, before a lifetime of heedless depravity looks suddenly not as rewarding as we’d hoped? Those are maybe some of the questions here, or maybe this is just another dumb book about mischievous pets accessible to even the youngest and least discriminating of humans. Because it looks great, so whatever your, or your child’s, literary motivations, you are likely to be returning here many, many times. Lose yourself here in the comfortable rhythms of will George, or won’t he, go chasing after the cat, dig up plants, root through garbage – all this while the backgrounds rotate between whitewashed expanses of thoughtfulness when George is considering his options to fiery orange when there doesn’t really seem to be any choice. Do dogs see in colors? This book makes a convincing case.

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