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Night Becomes Day

by Richard McGuire

One Potato Review

This author and illustrator, who is apparently also a designer of his own line of toys, seems nevertheless to have found the perfect shiny vehicle for his considerable gifts – with colors, with geometry – in this deceptively simple story following the first flash of sun in the morning as it becomes a sparkle in a stream, and then a river, which flows, as you might expect, into an ocean, but also many stranger directions before it’s through. Because while this has all of the appearance of a classic bedtime story, it is equally a book about what we make of things – of nature and seasons and birthdays and all of the far flung destinations we can hardly expect to visit in one day, were it not for our (and this author’s) restive imaginations. Bridges become tunnels. A tree becomes paper becomes news. Wool becomes blanket becomes warm. Endlessly engaging.