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Nanook & Pryce: Gone Fishing

by Ned Crowley
Illustrated by Larry Day

One Potato Review

From the Polar North to Antarctica and back again, there are nautical crowd pleasers everywhere here: giant squid and sunken pirate treasure, circling sharks and mystified penguins. Through it all, a couple of ice-fishing eskimo boys remain too focused to ever consider turning back or ditching their little conveyance in the Caribbean, say, when pelicans make off with their spectacular haul. They’re perfect travel companions in a way: quiet, good sports. This book makes for an interesting companion with Dr. Seuss’s McGelligot’s Pool where a boy’s runaway imagination compensates for the puny appearance of a local watering-hole; here it’s the world which is manifestly big and eventful, and the characters’ tranquility which allows us to enjoy the ride.