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One Potato Review

In some ways better than the first. The hero of this three-book series bears a passing resemblance to Curious George, but he’s a great deal more useful in the community than his mischievous forebear, who always seemed to come too easily to his popularity. Chico Bon Bon wears his tool belt like a résumé, though he manages to also summon a genuine enthusiasm at meeting the challenges which Monroe puts before him, whether that is escaping the clutches of a blundering organ grinder (in the original Monkey with a Tool Belt), extracting a wayward elephant from a laundry chute (as he does here), or merely building and repairing docks for the local ducks. His biggest challenge is presumably just finding a use for most of the tools he carries around with him everywhere – to mealtimes, and all of the fantastical corners of his tree house, even to bed. Featuring bungee hammers and staple removers and twizzlers and detwizzlers and pickle-pickers – heck, who besides the incorrigible dreamer imagines a pickle so urgently needing to get picked?

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