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Monkey with a Tool Belt

by Chris Monroe

One Potato Review

Bringing sexy back to home improvement. Not only has Chico Bon Bon designed, constructed and maintained his fantastical tree house, but he also carries around gadgets like a half-inch beebersaw, a small jimmy-jubber, and a bendy-extender with a rearview mirror attachment for all of those emergencies you can never really anticipate. Because who knows when you’ll be lured into a plastic-banana-sundae-trap by an evil organ grinder, right? “His old monkey, Bobo, had run away earlier that week with the help of several circus tigers,” it turns out, an escape which this author delights in thoroughly illustrating as well (roller skates, helium balloon, surfboard), indeed there isn’t an element of this story, or a tool, which is ever deployed with anything less than maximum exuberance. A revelation.

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