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Lost Sloth

by J. Otto Seibold

One Potato Review

“Whoa, this is a really cool dream,” trumpet seven technicolor elephants in the preamble (actually Sloth’s dream, featuring Chongo Chingi the Penguin and Mr. Lunch among other Seibold notables), but they may as well be referring to the whole book. True to his zoological reputation, Sloth never can seem to get to anything on time – the phone, the bus, a sweepstakes shopping spree – without intermittently drifting off to sleep. There’s not much more to the story than that, though as usual with Seibold, it’s all of the stuff in the margins that delights (look: that’s an Occupy tent with a guitar propped up in the park), as well as a certain wide-eyed determination to defy one’s weaker nature.