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Little Bear’s Visit

by Else Holmelund Minarik
Illustrated by Maurice Sendak

One Potato Review

In which Grandmother Bear tells of rescuing a robin when she was young, and nurturing and worrying over and inevitably releasing it. “My heart is sad,” says the robin, echoing every inexplicable melancholy you will ever know. And in which Grandfather Bear tells a story, after summoning his pipe and nodding off in the garden, about a little goblin who’s one day strolling un-abominably through the woods when he hears a bump coming out of a cave. “It was old, it was cold, it was dark. Hoo-ooh – ” cries the goblin, jumping right out of his shoes, and making a break for it through the trees – “Pit-pat-pit-pat-pit-pat” – as something gives chase. A seminal day trip.

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