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Knuffle Bunny Free

by Mo Willems

One Potato Review

A sequel. This book is significantly subtitled An Unexpected Diversion, and it might just sneak up on you, because that diversion amounts to The End. And because it is soulful (where its predecessors were cute), and it is clever (this author can pull clever out of a hat), and suspenseful (come on, you always knew how those others were going to turn out). For the uninitiated, Trixie is a rudimentary sketch of a girl with the bad habit of losing her favorite comfort item in black and white photographs of Park Slope. Here she travels to Holland, and Knuffle Bunny even further, but their final destinations feel anything but predetermined. Trixie grows up. Suddenly. Fearlessly. You get the sense that Willems is even a little surprised to let her go.