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Irving and Muktuk: Two Bad Bears

by Daniel Pinkwater Manus

One Potato Review

Dim, devious, or both? Whether masquerading as nine-foot-tall penguins or Girl Scouts or extra-large blueberry muffins, there’s a lot to admire in Irving and Muktuk’s commitment. The fact that they never eat humans is also a plus. And Officer Bunny remains such a worthy, inscrutable nemesis, you know he’ll probably turn up again somewhere, even as these two bad bears are finally repatriated to Bayonne, New Jersey, famously the muffin capital of the world. “FWOP! FWOP! FWOP!” goes the helicopter. “Adieu, Irving and Muktuk. Once again, you have failed to obtain muffins by stealth and subterfuge.”

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