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One Potato Review

It’s easy to overlook the odd soulfulness (Knuffle Bunny Free), and insurrectionary wit (Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed) that result when this genuinely applies himself to a readership older than three. Here a family of incorrigible predators appears fatefully suspended between cold-bloodedness and denial, amusing themselves with a loud dinosaur noise “that sounded like a big, evil laugh but was probably just a polite Norwegian expression,” a welcome mat subtitled “Tee Hee” and bowls of chocolate pudding cooked at different temperatures “for no particular reason.” Readers may puzzle a little at the meta conclusion – in fact, Goldilocks will conceivably be clambering up beanstalks in future installments if Willems has anything to say – but really, we had come about as far as we could with those oblivious bears.

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