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Garmann’s Summer

by Stian Hole

One Potato Review

Funny, fearful, curious and completely unaffected, here is a book that never ceases to surprise. A six year old boy spends much of his summer visiting with three old aunts who are not long for this world, and not overly worried about what awaits them. He buries a sparrow. He pulls at his teeth – still not loose – and frets about the twins next door who can ride bicycles and read and spell backwards, and shed teeth with impressive regularity. Though of course he is changed – from contemplating ladybugs and tunneling in the hedges, from chats with his mother and father, and from waving goodbye to the boat carrying his aunts to wherever and (maybe) forever. The greatest and most permanent transformations usually happen where no one else can see, and they are an awesome responsibility, summer or not.

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