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Cookie the Walker

by Chris Monroe

One Potato Review

Hilarious, of course. From the giddily inventive creator of the Monkey with a Tool Belt series, Sneaky Sheep and hopefully many parental pick-me-ups to come, here is the story of a dog who discovers the benefits of upright-walking in private (seeing out windows, reaching the candy bowl, hanging wet towels) only to be exploited by incorrigible hucksters like Beatrix Havior (of the famous dog training academy), Pierre La Toot (a circus honcho) and Stu Spoon (from Hollywood, baby). The celebrity treadmill ends up including appearances on vaguely recognizable reality shows from our age, not to mention walking on a ball across a flaming bridge over bewildered looking snapping turtles, though it should be noted that Cookie remains pretty cheerful throughout. With a soulful, even poignant ending that belies its comic exterior.

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