The Books

Cannonball Simp

by John Burningham

One Potato Review

The one in John Burningham’s catalog that is harder to find than almost any of the others – Courtney, Aldo, The Magic Bed – which are ever in circulation in our nation’s great libraries, though hardly anyplace else. There is no good reason for this, except that booksellers have conceivably mistaken this artist’s timelessness as old-fashioned. Indeed we feel an almost physical nostalgia when we happen upon Simp and Courtney and the rest, because they look like nothing else out there: not beautiful necessarily, or virtuosic, still boldly, even shamelessly original. “You’re not very pretty, are you?” says one of the other strays to Simp in the dog-catcher’s van, “and you’re fat.” Yeah, but she’s a rock star by the end. 

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