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Along a Long Road

by Frank Viva

One Potato Review

Something for everyone here: this book accomplishes the very rare trick of remaining simply, hypnotically accessible to even the youngest of readers, while also delivering plenty of worthy diversions for the parent who will probably be charged with returning here again and again. The glossy yellow road alone is diversion enough, bending and swooping and widening in front of the solitary cyclist who does not otherwise appear to be following any itinerary. Along and along and along, through harbors and tunnels, across bridges, past ice cream trucks, a dragonfly, a snail, an apple which proves briefly vexing – but never mind! Because look over there: at the people playing football, the swimmer lying on his back, the dog tied to hydrant outside the grocery store, laundry flapping on the line, electric poles, a roller coaster. Really, who needs a roller coaster?

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