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White Snow, Bright Snow

by Alvin Tresselt

Hardcover, 32 pages

Published by HarperCollins (1988)

List Price: $17.99

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Amazon Description

When the first flakes fell from the grey sky, the postman and the farmer and the policeman and his wife scurried about doing all the practical things grownups do when a snowstorm comes. But the children laughed and danced, and caught the lacy snowflakes on thier tongues.

All the wonder and delight a child feels in a snowfall is caught in the pages of this book -- the frost ferns on the window sill, the snow man in the yard and the mystery and magic of a new white world. Roger Duvoisin's pictures in soft blue half-tones with briliant splashes of yellow and red emphasize the gaiety and humor as well as the poetic quality of the text.

One Potato Review

From policeman to postman to children (to rabbits!), this is a snowfall as community event. There’s poetry here between the accumulation - “softly, gently in the secret night” - and also the disappearance, winter yielding to spring, with its crocuses and inevitable robins. This may seem old-fashioned in its ambitions and perceptions of small town life, still it’s no less timeless for being predictable.

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