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What Happens When...

by Delphine Chedru

Hardcover, 32 pages

Published by Tate Publishing (2013-05-07)

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Actual Price: $14.24

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Amazon Description

What happens to all the things that just disappear? The balloon that floats off into the sky, the sock that slides behind the radiator, the bucket swallowed by ocean waves, or even our shadows when the sun goes down? In her unique style, bestselling graphic designer Delphine Chedru encourages the early reader to imagine what happens to all sorts of things that have disappeared out of sight. Provoking joyful curiosity, each page opens out in a gatefold to reveal one of a myriad of possibilities— limited only by the imagination.

One Potato Review

A journal of lost things, probably few of them doing what you would imagine where you can no longer see them: there’s a sparkly bead disappeared down the drain which becomes a prop for a circus of roaches, a sock dropped behind the radiator sharing tea with some long forgotten underwear, a recently shuttered country house being inhabited by moose, that tooth you tucked under your pillow apparently mis-delivered to a chicken, a fallen lollipop seducing a snail, and a shadow become a jewel thief, to name a few. Eye-popping and mischievous. For many ages. 

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