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Hardcover, 32 pages

Published by Knopf Books for Young Readers (2007-06-12)

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When a giant whale washes up on shore—on top of young Joe's town, in fact—no one knows what to do! The Mayor declares that the town is ruined. The Whale laments that all he's good for now is a large fish pie. The Fishmonger quickly agrees. But Joe is determined to set things right.

With the help of Joe, some impressive teamwork, invaluable wisdom from the Owl and the Innumerable Stars, and a whole lot of . . . singing, order is restored. Even better, Joe and his neighbors make a new—and very large—friend.

Critically acclaimed author-illustrator David Lucas has crafted another charming tale, paired with luminous illustrations, about the importance of determination, community, and friendship. Fans of Nutmeg and Halibut Jackson will be delighted to meet Joe as he and his neighbors join together to welcome an unexpected visitor and to rebuild their town.

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