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A Weekend with Wendell

by Kevin Henkes

Paperback, 32 pages

Published by Greenwillow Books (1995-05-24)

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Amazon Description

Wendell was spending the weekend at Sophie's house. Playing house, Wendell was the mother, the father, and the children; Sophie was the dog. Playing bakery, Wendell was the baker; Sophie got to be the sweet roll. Wendell shone his flashlight in Sophie's eyes when she tried to sleep. But when he gave her a new hairdo with shaving cream, it was the last straw, and Sophie made up a game that left Wendell speechless for a time -- and won the day for friendship.

One Potato Review

Tearing it up on an overnight. Wendell shares some DNA with Henkes’s irrepressible (and more widely known) Lilly - playing house, he is more than happy to fill the roles of father, mother and five children - although narcissism is only part of the problem, and for the rest he just needs a good hosing down. This book is straightforward that way, but not without anarchic little touches like Wendell attempting a long distance call to the North Pole; Sophie, his nominal victim in most of these high jinks, may learn to enjoy him, though Sophie’s parents, to their credit, remain unconvinced. 

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