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This Little Pirate

by Philemon Sturges

Hardcover, 40 pages

Published by Dutton Juvenile (2005-06-02)

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Actual Price: $24.99

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Amazon Description

After one group of determined pirates finds a treasure chest on the rocky island, another group comes to take it away and so a battle ensues, yet after exhausting themselves with fighting, the gangs decide to work together and soon end up sharing the fun booty during one very festive, tropical party!

One Potato Review

Here’s an idea for a fourth, or fifth, or sixth birthday party (and you can probably resume when you’re in your twenties): a small patch of sand and a chest to bicker over and bash open (like a pinata) full of drums and toy trumpets and cake-baking kits and fancy balloons and alternative hats for when you need to take a break from all the skull and bones nonsense, which is what this all is: exuberant, a little testy sometimes, and likely to send you to bed early after the inevitable sugar high. 

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