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Thelonius Monster's Sky-High Fly Pie

by Judy Sierra

Paperback, 40 pages

Published by Dragonfly Books (2010-10-12)

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Actual Price: $7.42

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Amazon Description

Thelonius Monster once swallowed a fly, and decided that flies would taste grand in a pie. That silly guy!

Judy Sierra’s funny read-aloud romp presents a monster that children will love as he makes a goo-filled crust, lures hundreds and thousands of succulent flies into it, and invites his “disgusting-ist” friends and relations to a gala fly-pie party. “How it glistens! And listen—it hums!” shout the ravenous monsters. But just as his guests are about to dig in—the pie flies off. “Bye, bye, fly pie.”

Judy Sierra’s story in rhyme begs to be read aloud during Halloween season or any season, and Edward Koren’s signature hairy monsters capture all the humor of this deliciously gross tale.

One Potato Review

Seussian, glorious nonsense. Is anybody else tired of that little old lady who swallows the fly? Sierra breathes life into the meter - Thelonius receiving a recipe by e-mail from a spider, the flies escaping majestically, symphonically - and while this may turn some heads among younger readers more accustomed to linear (predictable) outcomes, at least there’s a happy ending, and at least we are spared the responsibility of having to repeatedly wonder why. Because they’re monsters, that’s why.   

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