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The Tomten and the Fox

by Astrid Lindgren

Paperback, 32 pages

Published by Puffin Books (1997-10-06)

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Amazon Description

“This is a bedtime story that small children will want to hear over and over again.”—The New Yorker

In this sequel to the classic The Tomten, the creator of Pippi Longstocking adapts a Swedish folk tale into a beloved children’s story. When a hungry fox wanders into a farm late at night looking for food, the guard troll Tomten finds a way to keep the farm animals safe and feed the fox at the same time.
“The illustrations have a luminous beauty. There’s a kind, quiet calm here that warms the winter air.”—The New York Times

“Charming, hushed illustrations and quiet text together evoke the soft, snowy silence and winter beauty of a Swedish night. The troll Tomten mercifully saves the farm animals from the depredations of Reynard the fox, and manages to assuage the fox’s hunger to boot!”—School Library Journal (starred review)

One Potato Review

Here is apparently a sort of little Swedish elf who patrols the nighttime, keeping the livestock – and maybe everyone – a little safer from the fox, and probably whatever other predators we can imagine in the silent, snowy night: “Creep silently, Reynard, so that no one will hear you!” warns someone omniscient, indeed there’s a sense in this legend of bargains being struck even where we cannot see them. Still, everything’s fluid: if this fox seems temporarily satisfied with the porridge he is offered, you get the feeling this tomten should remain vigilant. 

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