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Story of the Root Children

by Sibylle von Olfers

Hardcover, 24 pages

Published by Floris Books (1990-06-15)

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Amazon Description

All through the winter the Root Children are asleep underground, but when spring comes Mother Nature wakes them up. Then the Root Children are busy cleaning and painting the beetles and bugs. When summer comes they play in the fields, ponds and meadows.

Also available in a mini edition.

One Potato Review

Eerie and absorbing, like listening to a story in another language you only sort of understand. Did I hear that right? Little children underground – with springtime arriving – busily sewing and pressing lovely colored bits of cloth. You said bugs? They need to be painted, do they? With a slug called “old father Slifslaff-Slibberlak,” and an old German lady as Mother Earth, opening and closing trapdoors. Memorable and classic sounding: this is a legend that people have probably been telling since they were living a little closer to the dirt. 

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