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The Scarves

by Daniela Bunge

Hardcover, 32 pages

Published by Minedition (2006-09-07)

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Actual Price: $15.34

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Amazon Description

Trying to grasp the fact that her grandparents are separating, a little girl, realizing that they still love each other, devises a special way to bring them back together.

One Potato Review

Oddball and daring. While books meant for children can barely acknowledge the marital status of something like forty percent of this country, here is a story about the apparent dissolution of two grandparents’ marriage - oh, those zany Germans! Some aspects get glossed over (grandpa’s television habits and favorite colors hardly seem to merit kicking him out), still here is an honest effort, at least, toward understanding the quiet accumulation of differences that can often occlude the most promising unions. With trippy, striking artwork, and a hopeful ending. 

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