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The Rainbow Goblins

by Ul De Rico

Hardcover, 32 pages

Published by Thames & Hudson (1978-06-17)

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Actual Price: $16.89

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Amazon Description

After seven goblins try to steal it, the Rainbow is careful never again to touch the earth.

Since its original publication in 1978, the fantastic colors, amazing detail, and sweeping scope of The Rainbow Goblins have irresistibly invited tens of thousands of children to plunge their imaginations into its vivid world. This charming allegorical tale is once again available in a new edition. 18 full-color illustrations

One Potato Review

This is a story before humans, apparently. The prose itself is timeless, or anyway old-fashioned, and the goblins aren’t demonic – just greedy – so this probably won’t scare the very young ones, but it will almost certainly fascinate them; you could stare at these pages for hours. Weird, beautiful and mysterious.

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