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The Lost Boy and the Monster (Picture Books)

by Craig Kee Strete

Hardcover, 1 pages

Published by Putnam Juvenile (1999-05-24)

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Amazon Description

Old Foot-Eater has been living in the forest forever, so it was only a matter of time before he ensnared the lost boy. But the lost boy has been making friends with the scorpion and the rattlesnake, and it is because of his kindness that he might be able to escape becoming lunch for the awful old monster.

Dramatic paintings by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher (illustrators of the best-selling My Many Colored Days, by Dr. Seuss and Cat You Better Come Home, by Garrison Keillor) bring to life the clash of the generous boy and the greedy beast.

One Potato Review

Old Foot Eater is the name of the monster here, and it’s not for nothing. This is a pretty gruesome creation – apparently drawn from Native American legend – who lives in an old basket in the treetops dangling his sticky icky rope to catch children. The lost boy of the title befriends a snake and scorpion – or anyway he doesn’t just kill them, exceeding their expectations, then they exceed his. This gets to the heart of what we mean when we say, If you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you back – not incidentally a pretty significant sticking point in Native American history. Creepy and unapologetic.   

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