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Starlight Goes to Town

by Harry Allard

Hardcover, 32 pages

Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR) (2008-09-02)

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Amazon Description

The other hens in Farmer Brown’s Tennessee henhouse think that Starlight LaPoule – (hush! Her real name is Ethel Fae Klucksworth) – is short a few feathers. They may be right. For Starlight is a chicken with a ridiculous dream. She wants to become a high-fashion model in Paris or Milan. And with the surprise help of her very own chicken fairy godmother, anything is possible. Or is it?

With antic illustrations by renowned cartoonist George Booth, Harry Allard’s funny story about a hen with outsize expectations is sure to crack up even the most hard-boiled of readers.

One Potato Review

The importance of dreaming big, yes, but also of keeping your options wide open if it turns out you’ve laid a big egg. Because even a fairy godmother has to take a vacation sometimes, and she might just leave her harebrained nephew at the switch. Witty and seemingly unrestricted by the logic that holds together more responsible fables. And cheeky and cheerful: Starlight may end up living in a junkyard, but at least she’s running the joint. 

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