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Some Things Are Scary

by Florence Parry Heide

Paperback, 40 pages

Published by Candlewick (2011-07-12)

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Amazon Description

Know someone who’s starting school? Getting a new job? Going to the in-laws’ for the first time? For anyone on the brink of something scary, this gift edition of a hilarious classic is the perfect antidote.

You’re skating downhill, but you don’t know how to stop. You’re having your hair cut, and you suddenly realize . . . they’re cutting it too short. There’s no question about it: some things are scary. And never have common bugaboos been exposed with more comic urgency than in this masterful mix of things horrible and humiliating, monstrous or merely unsettling. Now in a compact edition with a new cover - and a bookplate that lets gift-givers specify the occasion - Florence Parry Heide’s witty text and Jules Feiffer’s over-the-top illustrations will get even the most anxious recipients laughing, while reassuring them (no matter how old they are) that they’re not alone in their fears.

One Potato Review

Discovering that hand you’re holding onto isn’t your mother’s. Stepping on something squishy with your bare feet. Waiting for someone to jump out and shout Boo! Waiting for yourself to jump out and shout Boo! Getting a haircut, and they’re cutting it too short. Signs where you can’t understand what they’re telling you is so dangerous. Growing up. Some things are scary because they’re inevitable. Perfectly, scratchily illustrated by the iconic Jules Feiffer. 

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