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Sneaky Sheep

by Chris Monroe

Hardcover, 32 pages

Published by Carolrhoda Books (2010-09-01)

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Amazon Description

Blossom and Rocky, two sneaky and not very bright sheep, keep trying to get away from the rest of the flock, in spite of the dangers they encounter.

One Potato Review

A worthy follow-up to this author’s sneakily brilliant Monkey with a Tool Belt series. Here the main characters are a couple of self-destructive livestock (in contrast with the heroically self-sufficient Chico Bon Bon) and a purposeful herder named Murphy. You’re kind of rooting for the sheep to reach that higher, forbidden pasture, but they cannot seem to help themselves - gambling with hounds, skateboarding without helmets, sunbathing on train tracks - and in the end this reads like an argument for the wisdom of natural selection. Also featuring avalanches, old ladies rampaging with knitting needles, and even the odd tourist wearing a vaguely recognizable monkey T-shirt.

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