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Scaredy Squirrel

by Mélanie Watt

Hardcover, 40 pages

Published by Kids Can Press (2006-02-01)

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Actual Price: $11.86

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Amazon Description

Scaredy Squirrel never leaves his nut tree. It's way too dangerous out there. He could encounter tarantulas, green Martians or killer bees. But in his tree, every day is the same and if danger comes along, he's well-prepared. Scaredy Squirrel's emergency kit includes antibacterial soap, Band-Aids and a parachute.

Day after day he watches and waits, and waits and watches, until one day ... his worst nightmare comes true! Scaredy suddenly finds himself out of his tree, where germs, poison ivy and sharks lurk.

But as Scaredy Squirrel leaps into the unknown, he discovers something really uplifting ...

One Potato Review

Wit beyond its appearance. The “unknown” in this book is everything outside of Scaredy Squirrel’s tree, and it is possibly inhabited by killer bees, tarantulas, poison ivy, green Martians, sharks and (not insignificantly) germs. Emergency kits are assembled, exit plans conceived, and secret abilities discovered just in the nick of time. No wholesale reinventions though, which is probably how it should be, especially if you are planning on a sequel. From Canada. Welcome, Mélanie Watt! Never has playing dead looked like so much fun.

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