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by Sean Taylor

Hardcover, 32 pages

Published by Dial Books (2013-02-07)

List Price: $16.99

Actual Price: $19.99

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Amazon Description

This is Robomop, a hardworking robot who's good at his job, which is cleaning...well, yes, the public restroom. But it's not all mopping, slopping, rubbing, and scrubbing. Robomop also does a wicked honky-tonk dance to the window washer's radio, and he dreams of seeing the sun and sky. So when he's carried outside one day, Robomop believes his wish has come true at last. Has it? Well one thing is for certain: for this little robot, finding his place in the world means never giving up trying.

One Potato Review

Thrill to the geometric exuberance of these drawings or set yourself to wondering which is worse: Robomop-basement-bathroom-blues or Robomop-lost-job-blues? The scrubbing device in question is a picture of clunky obsolescence, dinged and melancholic and tripping headfirst into toilets. His inevitable upgrade turns out to be the soulless Bio-Morphic Bellebot Cleanerette, but there’s a human cost here too, “squeegeeing and so forth” being another of the Cleanerette’s skills. So forth? How forth? With a stubbornly cheerful finale, and honky-tonk soundtrack throughout.

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