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by Kevin Henkes

Library Binding, 22 pages

Published by Greenwillow Books (1993-09-15)

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Amazon Description

Owen had a fuzzy yellow blanket. "Fuzzy goes where I go," said Owen. But Mrs. Tweezers disagreed. She thought Owen was too old for a blanket. Owen disagreed. No matter what Mrs. Tweezers came up with, Blanket Fairies or vinegar, Owen had the answer. But when school started, Owen't mother knew just what to do, and everyone -- Owen, Fuzzy, and even Mrs. Tweezers -- was happy.

One Potato Review

The great, pragmatic Kevin Henkes addressing one of life’s most intractable dilemmas: when is it ever the right time to ditch that blankie, that thumb, those plastic knights, or favorite picture books? Full disclosure: this reader has forever regarded Owen’s busybody neighbor Mrs. Tweezers as one of the foremost villains of our times, for all of her sour insinuation. “Can’t be a baby forever,” she offers, and though the solution cooked up by Owen’s mother may strike some as unsatisfactory (or even a little traumatic) at least it does not ignore the possibility that being a baby has absolutely nothing to do with it. Is there a Mr. Tweezers around, or did he walk into an ocean? 

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