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My Beautiful Child

by Lisa Desimini

Hardcover, 32 pages

Published by Blue Sky Press (2004-05-01)

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Amazon Description

In their first collaboration, Lisa Desimini and her husband, artist Matt Mahurin, bring to life the heartfelt wishes and loving dreams all parents have for their own children.

"I want to show you everything, my beautiful child . . . especially how much I love you."
From the breathtaking beauty of a clear blue sky to the wonder of touching a fuzzy caterpillar, the greatest riches in life are those moments of stillness and joy we share with the children we cherish. Lisa Desimini's simple, delicate words and Matt Mahurin's warm, intimate illustrations capture the closeness between parent and child--the kindness, patience, and love that bring true happiness to us all. Celebratory yet soothing, here is a treasure for every parent and child to share together.

One Potato Review

Simple and moving. This is a book about shadows and strawberries and blankets and all of the other stuff we probably take for granted when we’re too busy teaching to remember how to learn. 

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