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Monkey With a Tool Belt and the Noisy Problem

by Chris Monroe

Library Binding, 32 pages

Published by Carolrhoda Books (R) (2009-04-01)

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Actual Price: $14.35

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Amazon Description

Chico Bon Bon has a problem . . . a noisy problem. He wants to fix it. BUT HE CAN'T FIND IT! What's a monkey to do? Use his tools, of course. With his tool belt, Chico can do anything!

One Potato Review

In some ways better than the first. The hero of this three-book series bears a passing resemblance to Curious George, but he’s a great deal more useful in the community than his mischievous forebear, who always seemed to come too easily to his popularity. Chico Bon Bon wears his tool belt like a résumé, though he manages to also summon a genuine enthusiasm at meeting the challenges which Monroe puts before him, whether that is escaping the clutches of a blundering organ grinder (in the original Monkey with a Tool Belt), extracting a wayward elephant from a laundry chute (as he does here), or merely building and repairing docks for the local ducks. His biggest challenge is presumably just finding a use for most of the tools he carries around with him everywhere – to mealtimes, and all of the fantastical corners of his tree house, even to bed. Featuring bungee hammers and staple removers and twizzlers and detwizzlers and pickle-pickers – heck, who besides the incorrigible dreamer, imagines a pickle so urgently needing to get picked?

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