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by Jules Feiffer

Paperback, 32 pages

Published by HarperCollins (1999-08-04)

List Price: $6.99

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Amazon Description

“Raymond, I want you!” Just when Raymond is in the middle of a comic book, his mother calls him. Not once but five times. “It's not fair!” Raymond thinks. Then he thinks: “What if I had my own MEANWHILE...?” Comic books always use MEANWHILE... to change the scene. So Raymond tries writing it on the wall behind his bed.

To his astonishment, Raymond discovers that he can MEANWHILE...from one perilous adventure to another'from pirates on the high seas, to Martians in outer space, to a posse and a mountain lion out West. Then, at the worst possible moment, Raymond's MEANWHILE... fails him, leaving him in a spot that spells certain doom! Unless . . .

One Potato Review

Pirates! Cowboys! Lions! Moms! Finally the ability to escape life’s grimmer situations depends less upon whatever tools you have handy than being able to imagine them. Or something like that. Written for children by an author who never forgot how to be childish: Feiffer’s improvisation seems to take even him by surprise sometimes. Relentlessly entertaining.   

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