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Me, All Alone, at the End of the World

by M.T. Anderson

Hardcover, 40 pages

Published by Candlewick (2005-09-13)

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Amazon Description

From the celebrated picture-book team of M. T. Anderson and Kevin Hawkes comes a wistful, wondrous ode to the natural pleasures of peace and solitude.

The boy lives alone at the End of the World, hunting treasure with old maps, finding fossils, whistling tunes, playing ball by the drop. It's a peaceful, contemplative life, and the boy is content. Until, that is, a self-styled Professional Visionary arrives and puts up a sign: CONSTANTINE SHIMMER'S GALVANO-MAGICAL END OF THE WORLD TOURS. FUN ALL THE TIME! Soon men with machines come to pave a clearing for the inn and theme park, and the touring children seem nice, but still. . . . M. T. Anderson's lyric homage to simplicity and self-reliance is brought to life in arresting detail by the masterful artwork of Kevin Hawkes, creating a fantastical yet evocative world sure to resonate with everyone who enters it.

One Potato Review

Civilization and its rowdy, sometimes wordy, discontents. The sentences here can run to the baroque, which makes this a test of younger readers’ patience, still they (and everyone) might find something to marvel over in Kevin Hawkes’s elaborately conceived illustrations of a quiet little outpost turned video gamer’s fever dream. Complete with a happy, if wistful, ending.

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