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Maggie and the Pirate (A Blue Ribbon Book)

by Ezra Jack Keats

Paperback, pages

Published by Scholastic (1992-04-01)

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Amazon Description

After discovering that her pet cricket, Niki, has been abducted, Maggie sets out to track down the person who took Niki and left in his place a note saying "The Pirate was here"

One Potato Review

Weird and worthwhile, though it is probably one of the least well known of Keats’ books, probably due to the subject matter. The Pirate here is really just a creepy, spying boy from a neighboring trailer, whose family may be abusive, and who steals Maggie’s pet cricket. Inadvertently the cricket gets drowned. Maggie is devastated - none of the kids in this book are apparently lavished with gifts and affection - but she listens to his story, and if there is a lesson imparted between them, it is conveyed as gracefully as their impoverished circumstances. As much as any other author, Keats knows kids when nobody is watching them. There’s not a false or self-conscious note here. 

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