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Line 135

by Germano Zullo

Hardcover, 44 pages

Published by Chronicle Books (2013-04-30)

List Price: $18.95

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Amazon Description

Journeys can be life-changing, whether they are literal—traveling from one place to another—or personal, like the quest for self-discovery. This meditative picture book explores both, following a young child on a train ride from the city to the country. As the landscape transforms from a bustling city to a richly imaginative world in this distinctively formatted book, the child's sense of wonder and independence flourishes, as does a deep engagement with life and the possibilities that lie ahead—making Line 135 a quietly eloquent gift for anyone embarking on their life's journey.

One Potato Review

A girl of few words and impressive geographical ambitions travels between her mother’s place in the city to her grandmother’s in the country, meticulous towers and spidery bridges giving way to junkyards and swamplands and unidentifiable mammals and acres of flowers, no one exactly like the other, which the intriguingly named Albertine must have spent weeks in conceiving. And ziggurats and teetering chateaus and potential deconstructions. Says the girl near the end, “I want to be big so I can understand things better.” Good luck with that, sweetie, but meanwhile don’t forget to enjoy the view.   

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