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I Know Here

by Laurel Croza

Hardcover, 40 pages

Published by Groundwood Books (2010-02-23)

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Amazon Description

The little girl in this story lives in a trailer near a forest where her father is building a dam. Everything in her world is familiar and precious to her. But the dam is nearly finished and the family is moving to the city, which the little girl knows only as a place marked by a big red star on the map at school. Have the city people seen what I have seen, she wonders? The teacher suggests that she draw something that she wants to remember to take away with her when she leaves, and the little girl decides to draw what she knows — her road and everything her world contains — so that she can keep it with her always.

One Potato Review

Small but soulful. The Here in this title refers to someplace in the Canadian outback where dams need building and the media consists of a rickety black and white set, but it’s a pretty great place for a girl to start collecting memories, even as her world is about to expand. A move to the city looms from the beginning, still you get the feeling she’ll be all right. No tears here, or phony consolations, just a couple of neat tricks of perspective.

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